Hair by Sanjay

Wow, it’s been a hectic couple of days. First winning the national part of the Shu Umuera Tokyo Style contest, then trying to get enough votes to make it to the international finals in Japan. Unfortunately that’s where the competition ended for me, but I’m so happy of how many people tried to help me. And I’m really proud of my entry in this competition. Gallery Of Style is a competition in which every year the most talented hairstylists in the world can showcase their artistry and skills. This years Tokyo Style edition challenged us to come up with an edgy and iconic hairstyle that had to be inspired by Tokyo’s architecture.

Maybe you’ve seen my posts on social media, maybe you’ve voted for my pictures. (thanks for that 🙂 ) Maybe you haven’t seen them yet or you’d like to have another look, here they are.

My inspiration:

The different structures together form a whole, just like the city of Tokyo. The inspiration on my model’s head comes from the Nakagin Capsule Tower. The braids and rounded loops in different sizes represent the Lidabashi Station. The busy designs of both modern buildings blend in together with the calm of classic waves in her lengths. These calm waves stand for the traditional architecture of Tokyo.

Hair: Sanjay Ramcharan

Photography: Ivo Rikkert

Model: Harper Lais

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