Hair by Sanjay

Hair by Sanjay Ramcharan, Shahram Hosseinpour and team. Dave Sewtahal, Nahanni Long-Loy, Yentle Noordman, Roguenne van der Hoeven

Next Monday on Holland’s Next Top Model it’s time for what many people would say is the most anticipated episode of the season. Often a time for lots of drama and a source for debate among viewers. Yes, it’s MAKEOVER TIME!

A lot of you may think we’ll be doing whatever stirs up the most drama for ratings. But I can promise you that we just tried our best to give all the models a haircut and color that would enhance their look. I hope you’ll think we’ve succeeded in this after watching this weeks episode. Let me know what you think.

Holland’s Next Top Model is on at 8:30pm every monday on RTL5.

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